The Czars’ capital

Visiting the city of Saint-Petersburg has been one of the all-favorite russian hobby for the past three centuries. People coming from all over the country want to get their eyes on the never-ending beauty of the former czars’ capital. The city was built on swamps in the early years of the 18th century, following an idea of tsar Peter The Great who wanted Russia to get closer to its fellow european neighbors in terms of culture, architecture, arts and everyday life with the idea of modernizing the empire. Proudly dominating the Neva, Peter is looking at the future with composure and serenity. Notwithstanding, its everyday life looks like an old canvas from the Modern Age whose characters are wrapped in contemporary clothes but displaying an out-of-time “hexis”. Its people and customs reflects the soul of the city. I fired 700 shots in a week with my rusty IXUS 105, here are my favorite fragments of this journey.


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