Last Leaves of Winter

Paris 2013

Paris is an adventurous city, when talking a walk you will most certainly come across unexpected events, persons or pieces of art. This is a little collection of these “moments” framed on-the-go over… Continue reading

Paris 1930-50′s – Part Two

Brassaï was obsessed with Paris’ night life he got his first famous piece of work out of this subject  «Paris, La nuit» Brassaï 1932-1933, which we reviewed mostly last week in Paris 1930’s… Continue reading

My Samaritaine 2013

For all of you that are not familiar with this temple of french consumerism, the Samaritaine was from 1870 to 2005, the biggest department store of Paris. Forced to close in 2005 due to… Continue reading

Paris 1930′s – Part One

A long queue formed in the back of the City Hall of Paris to get a chance to see the new photo exhibition of Brassaï – “For the love of Paris” This photographer is… Continue reading

Ways to abstraction

Chu Teh-Chun is a chinese artist the emigrated to Paris, France during the 1950′s, while already an artist at this time in China he wanted to find an answer to what he called… Continue reading

Suburbian Lives

The French Photography Fair always gives the opportunity to discover new artists, or find some creative ideas among this very “business” oriented event. Jérôme Blin is one of these “discoveries”, I came across… Continue reading

Oneiric Universes

Each year, the Photography Fair selects, exhibits and shows young artists to thousands of visitors. This year on the stand Nikon, an enchanted world of dreams and illusions was presented. We have seen… Continue reading

Gangs of Paris: 1970-2010

For the past 40 years Yan Morvan has been documenting on a very french phenomenon directly coming right from the anglo-saxon countries: the gangs. He published last year Gang Story, retracing 40 years… Continue reading

From the battlefield

Stanley Greene 1994, Zelina that has lost her child in the Tchetchian war seems to fade away. But the attention is focused in the center and the emotion is nicely framed as a… Continue reading

Greek Era

The Greek paradox, everybody is talking about the crisis – in Europe hardly a day passes by without hearing the word somewhere around you. But if you pay attention you will see that… Continue reading

Ballet Triptic

Paris Opera presents three mini ballets this season, three very contemporary and creative artists were presenting their last creations. Darkness is hiding Black Horses – Saburo Teshigawara Lights and blows of smoke revealed… Continue reading

The Aftermath

Spain has been living severe economic and social disrupts for the past two years, yet the people and the dynamism has never been altered in the old Catalonia – the land of Barcelona.… Continue reading

The Czars’ capital

Visiting the city of Saint-Petersburg has been one of the all-favorite russian hobby for the past three centuries. People coming from all over the country want to get their eyes on the never-ending… Continue reading

My FairLady

My FairLady – Mariinsky The Mariinsky Theater is a must for any art-enthusiast visiting the city of Peter The Great. The first impression when penetrating this temple of russian culture is this feeling… Continue reading

Music Frames

I was brought in this little exhibition located inside the Gorky’s Park by chance. I wanted to see the new place of the famous contemporary art museum “The Garage” that recently moved into the most famous… Continue reading

Anatomy of the Soul

Kristin Kolb is a german autodidact (ed. a pharmacist until 2010) that has just started exhibiting recently – “Anatomy of  the Soul” took place in the Nartunkundemuseum (Berlin) and was striking in several… Continue reading

Chekov´s Creative Seagull

Чайка Бутусова – Сатирикон The Seagull – Satirikon Theater It has been quite a few time from now but last year I witnessed one of the most incredible theater performance I’ve ever seen… Continue reading

Hopper Massive Exhibition

Hopper Grand Format –  Paris The exhibition of Hopper at the Grand Palais caught the attention of a vast and heterogeneous audience in Paris. Myriads of attendees waited in line everyday of the… Continue reading

Austria – Wiener Winter

The royal city has different faces, it keeps the old customs alive, talking a walk by Vienna plunges you into history. Each street you pass by, each building you look at, each stones… Continue reading

Photo – 7 января

Paris – Catholic Church Париж - Католическая церковь Сегодня будет Рождество, весь город в ожиданьи тайны, он дремлет в инее хрустальном и ждет: свершится волшебство. М.Ю. Лермонтов и снова сумерки.. и свет звезды далекой.. До… Continue reading

Photo – Under Surveillance

Moscow – Sparrow Hills Hot afternoon in the city that never sleeps. The crowd in the back is shooting a scene, in the background the Business Center; a relaxed cop is keeping an… Continue reading

Photo – Halloween

Buddy Bears Tour

Talking a walk through Saint Petersburg might be the best way to discover the city in the first few days there. The center of the city, where a majority of the must-see landmarks… Continue reading

Mein Sohn William

Paris, 20h, small concert hall and few decorations Dorian Taburet quietly gets on stage, a guitar on his back hanging like a sword and several instruments in his hands, as he waves a… Continue reading

Zverev The Expressionist

The Small Manege Gallery of Moscow exhibited works of the controversial Russian expressionist Anatoly Zverev. The Gallery showcased paintings that did not burn after a fire, displaying them in two distinctly different rooms.… Continue reading

Photo – Canal

We The People

The Gallery of the Brothers Lumières in Moscow has compiled a large number of photos from the Soviet Period, a retrospective of the russian XX th century on the theme under the name… Continue reading

Photo – Trio

Saint Petersburg – Peterhof Beyond the wall the trees are facing the Baltic Sea which horizon leads to Tallinn, Helsinki and, a bit farer, Stockholm. Keeping an eye on the Sea they appeared… Continue reading

Photo – A break

Photo – Morning Walk

Saint Petersburg – Summer Garden The city is waking up, a dad is bringing his daughter to school. She is eagerly telling him a story, while he seems to be absorbed somewhere else.… Continue reading

Nicolaï Fechin

A bit of information on this partly unknown artist, Nicolai Fechin is a russian painter that fled Russian communist revolution in its early years. He settled in the USA (first in NYC in… Continue reading

Photo – Asleep

Saint Petersburg - Ostrovsky Square This is this kind of town in which you can lay on a bench and quietly take a nap in mid day in one of the most crowded park… Continue reading

Anna Karenina

This summer, a second spectacular work of the talented choreographer Anželika Cholina, premiered. Her Anna Karenina drew a large audience, including many Russian tourists visiting the Capital. Once the curtain went up, the… Continue reading

Sokov Anti-conformist

The Russian artist Leonid Sokov has immigrated to New York during the 80′s and gained popularity over the last decade thanks to worldwide exhibitions presenting his innovative perspective of the Soviet Period. The… Continue reading

Russia Offline

The “Russia Offline” exhibition held by Snob of the russian photographer Constantin Solomatin offered a wide range of photos of this Russia we usually don’t meet in the medias. The photos of this… Continue reading

Ai Wei Wei

An exhibition of Ai Wei Wei took place at the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow. It dealt with his early years in New York from 1984 to 1993. Coming from homeland China,… Continue reading